About us

We are a Berlin trading and service company that dedicated to organic food. Since 2003, we have been marketing organic food from certified European manufacturers to specialist wholesalers specialized in organic food who trade to natural food stores, health food stores, large-scale organic distributors and online shops throughout Germany, Austria and Swizerland. With our certified gluten-free products, we offer innovative and tasty foods to a wide audience, including celiac sufferers and those who consciously opt for a wheat-reduced diet.
We strive to create long-term relationships, with all our business partners. On the one hand, we work closely with the European manufacturers of our product, and together we ensure that all products meet high quality and taste standards that go beyond just meeting legal requirements. We do not only pay attention to the organic certification of our products, but we also guarantee their gluten-free certification. Genetic modification and nanotechnology have no place with our products.
On the second hand, with give great importance to our customers. Together we promote the long-term sales of our brands through targeted sales initiatives and marketing campaigns.

Our team

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