Felicia Bio

The Italian pasta variety for health conscious pasta lovers

Felicia Bio pasta is an Italian specialty from the Apulian family company, Molino Andriani. Felicia Bio pasta is made only with selected GMO-free raw materials from organic farming. All raw materials and the entire production process are strictly gluten-free. Felicia Bio is an Italian top-quality product with an excellent price-performance ratio. It is made without any binding components or additives and is characterized by its first-class cooking stability. Felicia Bio provides valuable nutrients and variety at meal times for the whole family. Felicia Bio pasta exists in the following forms: Sedanini, fusilli, penne, mezze penne and spaghetti.

Legumes Pasta - 100% red lentils and 100% green peas

Felicia Bio legume pastas are great alternatives to European wheat pasta and provide valuable nutrients and diversity for the whole family. The "green pea" variety, made from 100% peas, and the "red lentil" variety, made from100% red lentils, have great flavour, contain lots of vegetable protein and are rich in fibre. They are as quick and easy to cook as wheat pasta and are gluten-free, vegan, and tasty. Even children and adults who otherwise did not like legumes, love both varieties. You can find more information about Felicia’s red lentil sedanini, red lentil fusilli, green pea fusilli and green pea mezze penne at ecoinform.de.

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Buckwheat pasta – the only 100% buckwheat pasta

Buckwheat has always been a trendy gluten-free alternative, it doesn’t just have a delicious nutty taste, but is also rich in vitamins and minerals. This variety of Felicia Bio offers buckwheat lovers and connoisseurs with an easy and quick way to enjoy their favourite food as pasta. You can find more information about Felicia’s buckwheat spaghetti, buckwheat penne and buckwheat fusilli at ecoinform.de.

Felicia Bio Buchweizen-Pasta
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Multigrain pasta – The perfect mix of quinoa, corn, rice and buckwheat

Four healthy ingredients in one product for a delicate flavour and balanced diet. Felicia Bio multigrain pasta is delicious and aromatic, perfect for modern cuisine, like no other pasta you’ve tasted before. You can find more information about Felicia’s multigrain spaghetti, multigrain penne and multigrain fusilli at ecoinform.de.

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Wholegrain pasta – delicate and smooth

Felicia Bio 100% Wholegrain rice pasta captures your taste buds with a delicate natural flavour of rice. The pleasantly smooth consistency, not usually found in wholegrain products allows great taste and healthy eating with no compromises. You can find more information about Felicia’s wholegrain rice spaghetti, penne, fusilli at ecoinform.de. You can find more information about Felicia’s wholegrain rice spaghetti, wholegrain rice penne, wholegrain rice fusilli at ecoinform.de.


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Corn pasta – The classic pasta with a balanced taste

Thanks to the carefully developed recipe, Felicia bio corn pasta is fused with a touch of rice for a more natural and tastier pasta. This pasta appeals greatly to all who prefer the delicate taste of wheat pasta as it has a similar taste, and is suitable for every kind of pasta dish.

Felicia Bio Lasagna (55% corn, 45% rice) contains neither egg nor binding component and require no precooking. Your homemade lasagna has never tasted so good with this gluten-free version. You can find more information about Felicia’s corn rice spaghetti, corn rice penne, corn rice fusilli and corn rice lasagna at ecoinform.de.

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Rice tricolore pasta – Delicious rice pasta in Italian colours

To establish the natural flavours and intense colours of Felicia’s rice tricolore pasta, flavourful tomatoes and spinach are added to the rice pasta. The bright colours of red and green against the neutral white rice colour give tricolore pasta even more shine. A great pasta for summer salads or delicious homemade pasta bakes. You can find more information about Felicia’s tricolore fusilli at ecoinform.de.

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