The family business McLloyd’s specializes in the production of organic, gluten-free snacks. Their years of experience have given birth to unique products, such as low-fat baked potato snacks and crispy, puffed dinosaur and heart shaped snacks.

Little Angel – Only the best for the Little Ones

Little Angel are popped corn snacks for toddlers from 7 months. Just like its sister brand BioSaurus, Little Angel are not fried but baked. Baking uses lower temperatures than frying, so trans fats can be avoided. The ingredient lists are short – just what parents are looking for for their children.

All of the Little Angel snacks are free from the 14 main allergens, no sugar or salt is added.

Besides having a convincingly short list of ingredients, the design stands out, too. Little Angel are available as flips, ducks, and teddy bears – big shapes that can easily be grabbed by tiny hands.


  • with vitamin B1
  • free from lactose, soy, nuts, and gluten
  • no added salt or sugar
  • big shapes

Teddy – Carrot and Pumpkin

Little Angel - Teddy - Karotte KürbisTeddy comes in the shape of a little teddy bear and tastes like carrot and pumpkin. This snack is suited for toddlers from 7 months.

Angelina – Apple and Strawberry

Little Angel - Angelina - Apfel ErdbeereThe duck shape does not only look cute, it can also easily be grabbed by tiny children’s hands. The snack flavored with apple and strawberry is suited for toddlers from 10 months.

Angelina – Carrot and Apple

Little Angel - Angelina - Karotte ApfelAngelina carrot and apple also comes as a cute duck and suited for toddlers from 7 months.

Mateo – Millet

Little Angel - Mateo HirseMateo is made from corn and millet and suitable for children from 7 months.

Rosie – Corn

Little Angel - Rosie MaisRosie is a handy flip made from 100% corn flour. It is suited for toddlers from 7 months.