The family business McLloyd’s specializes in the production of organic, gluten-free snacks. Their years of experience have given birth to unique products, such as low-fat baked potato snacks and crispy, puffed dinosaur and heart shaped snacks.

McLloyd’s – Popped Vegetable Snacks

Popiii Chips by McLloyd’s are synonymous to more wholesome snacking, just like their sister brand Organique. They are popped instead of fried. Made from corn with visible addition of vegetables, they contain less fat than conventionally fried potato chips. It is only after baking that fat is added, together with the spice mixture. All of McLloyd’s Popiii Chips are gluten free and organic.

Popiii Chips Quinoa Sea Salt

McLloyd's Popiii Quinoa Sea SaltPopped corn chips with quinoa and carrots.

All the positive features of quinoa and the tasty wholesomeness of carrots are brought together in these popped chips. Vegan and gluten free, only seasoned with sea salt.

Popiii Chips Lentil Red Pepper

McLloyd's Popiii Linse Red PepperPopped corn chips with red pepper seasoning.

The red lentils in these chips are high in protein, low in vegetable fat and a source of B vitamins. Together with the red pepper seasoning, they make a delicious snack.

Popiii Chips Pea Sour Cream & Onion

McLloyd's Popiii Sour Cream & OnionPopped corn chips with green peas and sour cream & onion.

For these chips, the corn base is enriched with green peas, which are a source of vitamin C and E. The sour cream & onion seasoning and visible green peas make these chips an exception snacking experience.