Siam Organic

Siam Organic supports small scale farmers in Thailand by paying fair salaries and offering good working conditions. It encourages a balanced diet worldwide through its supply of high quality products.

The idea of the social company arose in 2011, when farmers from Thailand were among the poorest in the world with an average income of only 0,40 $ a day. Starting out with only 25 farmers, Siam Organic is now working with more than 2,500 small scale farmers from Thailand, helping them out of poverty, one grain at a time.

Jasberry Rice – the Perfect Rice for a Balanced Diet

Jasberry rice is the new superfood. Developed through natural cross-breeding, the rice has a high antioxidant capacity (ORAC) which is 3x higher than that of blueberries. Furthermore the organisation behind Jasberry supports small-scale farmers in Thailand to grow their way out of poverty: Fair wages and improved growing conditions allows Jasberry farmers to earn 11 times more than their Thai colleagues in 2018.

Dark purple in color and with excellent taste Jasberry Rice is a highlight in every kitchen.

As the name suggests: “Jas” stands for the delicious taste of thai jasmin rice and “berry” refers to the specific antioxidant qualities, which are as good as the ones of berries.

What makes our rice so special?

    • Jasberry Rice is characterised by its high antioxidant capacity (ORAC – Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
    • Jasberry Rice has a 3 times higher ORAC than blueberries and a 10 times higher ORAC than green tea (USDA Database, May 2010)
    • Even in comparison to black, red, brown and white jasmin rice, Jasberry Rice has the highest content of antioxidants

Jasberry Rice - 100% Whole Grain

Jasberry ReisJasberry Rice – 100% Whole Grain is characterised by its dark purple colour and its high content of antioxidants.

Jasberry - Rice Mix

Jasberry Reis-MixJasberry – Rice Mix is a harmonic mix of Jasberry Rice and whole grain Jasmin rice.