The family business McLloyd’s specializes in the production of organic, gluten-free snacks. Their years of experience have given birth to unique products, such as low-fat baked potato snacks and crispy, puffed dinosaur and heart shaped snacks.

Organique – The right snack for everybody!

McLloyd's organic and gluten-freeAll snacks from Organique are guaranteed gluten-free and have less fat than regular potato chips. The high-quality snacks are made from carefully selected, organically grown raw materials. Each variety has its own character!

Organique BOPS

Organique BOPS - Baked Organic Potato SnacksBOPS are thin and crispy, baked potato wafers. The baking process gives the snacks a real crunch with a lot less fat – 100% delicious snacks with an estimated 60% less fat than regular fried potato chips. BOPS are available in three great flavors Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion and Red Pepper.

Organique LOVE

Organique LOVELOVE snacks come from the heart. Corn puffed snacks seasoned with sea salt or fiery cheese jalapeño they are a blissful snack to enjoy alone or with others.

Organique Vegee

Organique Vegee

Vegee chips are a fusion of crunchy potato chips and tasty vegetables wafers. They are baked to perfection to give a thin a crispy wafer with three great flavours: Carrot, broccoli and beetroot!

– tasty mix of carrot, beetroot and broccoli
– 100% tasty with 60% less fat
– vegan